Christmas is well and truly upon us once again, and it’s almost time to get pulling our crackers, eating our sprouts and start waiting patiently underneath the mistletoe. The arrival of the holiday season means that every one of us is kept busy by a whole host of traditions for a good few weeks, and so you’d be forgiven for pushing any thought of your garden to the back of your mind.

However, despite the onslaught of cold weather and the busy festive period, now really is the best time to get installing some artificial grass. Our products are mainly used within people’s gardens and outdoor spaces, however Christmas provides a whole range of other uses for artificial grass- making it a key part of the holiday season.

Here at Great Grass, we thought we’d try to get into the festive spirit by taking you through the ways artificial grass is used over Christmas!

1)     Window Displays

It’s no secret that the world of retail gets particularly busy at this time of year, and businesses all over the high street are constantly vying to outdo each other. This means that it’s incredibly important that retailers have an eye-catching window display, and nothing quite catches the eye as well as some high quality artificial grass. The use of our grasses is a sure way of adding a dash of character and colour to your displays, and you’re bound to have customers pouring through the door to get at your products!

2)     Christmas Tree Mat

We all love to decorate our homes over Christmas, and our entire living rooms will be lined with tinsel, glitter and may involve a few seasonal ornaments. The biggest aspect of any Christmas decorations is, of course, the tree- and so it’s important that you do whatever you can take make the most of it. The use of an artificial grass strip will highlight the impact of your tree, and will also catch any fallen tinsel that’s fallen to the ground! Combine some artificial turf with a splash of snow spray, and you’re bound to have the best decorations around.

3)     Table Décor

This may sound a little strange, but many people like to use a bit of artificial grass to decorate their table for Christmas dinner. The strip of turf is used as a table runner, and users tend to add some snow spray to give it an incredibly festive appearance. This technique is particularly popular at fancy office parties, however some people love to whip out the artificial grass in their own homes too! If you want your Christmas dinner to feel particularly Christmassy, then some artificial grass is bound to go a long way in creating that festive feel.

Here at Great Grass, we provide the best artificial grass around, and please get in touch for any further information!