For the first time ever, the FIFA World Cup Final will be played on a pitch made of both natural and artificial grass. The benefits to having an artificial grass pitch is that it strengthens the natural grass that is already there and makes the whole surface stronger and less likely to become damaged. This means more games can be played on a pitch which is a massive boon for such a busy tournament like the World Cup.

The artificial grass will offer a safe, soft surface which should mean fewer injuries for the players – which is what we all want. Another benefit to using artificial grass is that it drains more effectively than a natural pitch which is ideal for the amount of games that will be played. Artificial grass is extremely durable and the pitch that is being created for the World Cup is supposed to last three times longer than if a normal, natural grass pitch was played upon.

artificial grass for sports

Artificial grass sports surfaces are becoming more and more common as people realise the benefits.

Here at Great Grass, our artificial grass is perfect for sports pitches and is perfectly suitable for use in schools and nurseries. We have no reservations about supplying artificial grass for kids as our range is completely safe and provides a stable and high-quality playing surface. We’ve supplied many educational institutions with artificial grass in order for them to have all-year round, outdoor facilities.

We have a commitment to encourage child play and development outdoors which is directly in line with the government’s initiative to get children of all ages to engage in regular activity and exercise.

If you’re looking for artificial grass for kids to play on then a lot of schools opt for our shock absorbent pads to work in conjunction with the artificial grass. We also have a range of coloured artificial grass for kids that work well as sensory areas or just vibrant sport surfaces.

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