For some, artificial grass is an entirely new territory and if you’ve not had artificial grass before, you’ll undoubtedly have a few questions to ask regarding the product. To give newcomers to artificial grass a little bit more information about the product, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you! Let this be your official induction on artificial grass.

Is Great Grass Artificial Grass suitable for children?

Of course! In fact, our artificial grass is used in schools and nurseries across the country. Our coloured artificial grass is great for play areas and you can even opt for shock absorbent pads for added cushioning and safety.

But what about pets? I’ve heard they don’t like the feel and smell of artificial grass.

This is a popular misconception but it’s not clear where it originated from. Quite the contrary is true actually; we sell a lot of artificial grass for dogs in dog runs, which pooches just love. Every other type of pet enjoys it too and is even popular in catteries (and we all know how fussy those felines can be!). Our artificial grass products look, imitate and feel like natural grass. There’s no smell or funny feeling and your pet will probably not even know the difference; but you sure will. No muddy paw prints!

Can artificial grass be laid over any surface?

Our artificial grass can be laid over a variety of surfaces including decking (if it has been treated); concrete or flat roofs clear from residue, broken concrete and weeds. We even have a handy installation guide for you to follow so you can do it yourself – it’s that easy to install!

How much maintenance is required compared to a natural lawn?

It seems that some artificial grass companies claim that artificial lawns require NO maintenance whatsoever and this isn’t the case. However, the maintenance is strictly minimal; just a 10 minute brush every 3 weeks or so to get rid of any natural moss build-up is all is needed. Compare this to weekly mowing, weeding, fertilising and snipping of natural lawns and it’s a doddle!

Surely you need to regularly clean the artificial grass?

The rain will do that for you! We get enough of it here in the UK… In summer, a quick wash down with a hosepipe it all that’s necessary.

If you have artificial grass for dogs or pets and need to remove any messy business, it’s easy to pick up and some warm soapy water is sufficient.

Will my artificial lawn fade with sunlight?

Customers who have purchased artificial grass from us in Australia, South Africa and the US will tell you no. We even offer a minimum 10 year UV guarantee on all our artificial grass ranges (except the budget range). If our artificial grass can hack a hot California summer, it laughs at some measly British sun!

So there you have it! If you have any more questions about our artificial grass, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.