We’re always looking for ways to get super creative with artificial grass and we came across these little fellas on Amazon! We’ve got artificial grass for dogs, but we’ve never seen a dog MADE out of artificial grass before. They’re pretty amazing and a cute idea if you were looking for something fun and funky to do with artificial grass. If you’d like to pick one up for your home or garden you can do so here. Or you could try and make your own? We won’t judge if it goes awry!

We like them, but the poor little creatures don’t have any features – no eyes, mouths, nothing! I think they need some googly or button eyes to make them a bit friendlier.  We’re not actually sure whether they’re supposed to be indoor decorations or outdoor ones; I guess you could display them in your home or your garden. Which one is your favourite? We have to say, the little puppy one has caught our eye – but where’s his tail?

If you have a real life pooch of your own then why not get yourself some of our artificial grass for dogs? Your pet will love it as much as we love these artificial grass animals!