It’s no secret that choosing to install some artificial grass in your own back garden isn’t without its benefits. There’s a whole catalogue of reasons for you to give our expert team at Great Grass a call, because we’re here to provide you with that perfect, fresh green lawn you’ve been dreaming of for so long, and choosing something from our range is sure to make your neighbours incredibly envious!

It doesn’t matter whether you need grass for your own lawn, a commercial event or even for a sports pitch- our products are so great because they can benefit so many different kinds of people. Because it’s incredibly child friendly, it’s widely known that artificial grass is beneficial to people of all ages, and this is certainly true when it comes to the older generation.

But why is artificial grass so great for the elderly? Well, we’re glad you asked, because we’re here at Great Grass to run you through it.

1)      Easy To Look After

It’s fair to say that a natural lawn entails an awful lot of maintenance, which can prove almost impossible for many pensioners out there. This means that their garden is constantly becoming overgrown and messy, as they simply find it difficult to get out there and wrestle with the lawnmower on a regular basis. Artificial grass provides people with the chance to get away from this constant maintenance, as it requires no mowing, feeding or even weeding!

2)      Pets

For elderly people with pets, the use of natural grass can turn into a real nightmare, as the risk of constant mud being tracked through the house is a constant nuisance. The last thing anyone wants is to let their dog out into the garden, only for them to cover themselves in mud and then come rolling around on the freshly cleaned carpet. Artificial grass doesn’t involve any mud whatsoever, so you can be rest assured that no pets can possibly get all muddy before coming back inside!

3)      Aesthetic Appeal

There’s nothing better than taking the time to get out into the fresh air on a sunny afternoon, and having a beautiful garden is a huge part of that. Nobody enjoys spending an extended period of time in a garden that’s cluttered or uncared for, and so it’s a good job that we can guarantee the aesthetic appeal of our products. By installing some of our grass, you’ll be positively itching to get outside to enjoy the sunshine, as our deep shades of green simply can’t be beaten!

Here at Great Grass, we provide the best artificial grass around so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in our products!