It is common knowledge that artificial grass has a much lower maintenance need than natural grass- however this doesn’t mean that it requires no maintenance at all. Whilst it’s easy to recognise that artificial grass doesn’t need mowing, it does require some upkeep to ensure it stays in tip top condition. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to taking care of your artificial grass…

  • When a turf is first laid, sand is infilled and slowly structures the turf as it settles. You must tend to your artificial lawn regularly within the first 6-8 to ensure that your grass in in optimum condition when this sand eventually settles. Simply brush the grass on the regular basis gently so that you don’t misshape it. After this 6-8 weeks, it will only require brushing once every month or so in different directions.
  • Artificial grass tends to come with a membrane which backs it and this is ideal for allowing water to escape through. Despite this, sometimes weeds and moss can still appear and thus you must be able to tackle it. Unlike natural grass, you can’t grab a trowel and start digging. Instead you have two options;  take off the tops of the weeds when they show through or use a water based weed killer and brush them off once they are dead.

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