Over the past few years, much has been made of the virtues of artificial grass as a long-term replacement for natural lawns, both in a domestic context and as the carpeting for sports pitches. The material has earned a rapidly growing admirer base and cemented its popularity within both the home and garden and the sports markets the world over.

A large part of this popularity stems from regions with rougher atmospheric conditions, where the unique traits of commercial artificial grass help make it the outdoor covering of choice.

“Artificial grass is especially designed to resist all types of weather”

The UK is a perfect example of this. Britain’s infamous weather is perhaps the best argument in favour of commercial artificial grass becoming the nation’s unofficial outdoor covering in domestic and recreational situations. The all-weather, highly durable nature of commercial artificial grass makes it a far more suitable choice for a country with Britain’s atmospheric conditions than natural grass, which is highly susceptible to the whim of the elements, and thus requires a considerable degree of after-care to ensure the blades return to their previous verdant state once the seasons change. Home-owners who brave natural lawns in weather such as Britain’s might therefore find themselves going to considerable pains to ensure their lawn stays in good shape.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, does away with such worries, by being especially designed to resist all types of weather. As such, home-owners who install an artificial turf carpet will never have to worry about maintenance, beyond the occasional hose-down or disinfecting. What is best, the turf will stay verdant year-round, and be significantly less affected by the elements than a natural grass lawn would.

Once that element is taken into consideration, it is not hard to see why artificial grass is theperfect outdoor covering for residents of a country like Britain!