Artificial grass is a sturdy, durable and highly versatile material, popular among both home-owners and sports club administrators for its ease of installation, use and maintenance. These characteristics have allowed it to progressively take the place of natural grass in numerous back gardens and sports pitches the world over.

However, versatile though it is, there are certain situations where commercial artificial grass may not be best suited for the purpose at hand. This article does not seek to discuss those; rather, it aims to provide a few questions a customer can ask his or herself to ascertain whether or not artificial turf is a valid solution for his or her situation. Those can be found in the lines below.

Will The Surface See Heavy Usage?

The first question to ask when assessing whether commercial artificial grass will be suitable for an installation is whether said area will see heavy usage, namely from foot traffic. If the area in question is meant as an activity pitch, for instance, artificial turf may offer better value for money and cost-benefit ratios than its natural counterpart, as it is far more durable and sturdy.

“the all-weather nature of commercial artificial grass gives it a definitive edge over its natural counterpart”

Will The Surface Be Exposed to the Elements?

Another aspect to consider is whether or not the surface will be exposed to inclement weather. In temperate climates, natural grass will flourish, but in areas where it rains heavily or where the weather tends to be exceedingly dry, the all-weather nature of commercial artificial grass gives it a definitive edge over its natural counterpart.

Will The Surface Be Maintained Regularly?

Commercial artificial grass requires a far lower level of maintenance than its natural counterpart; therefore, surfaces which may not be maintained regularly would be far better served with an artificial turf covering than a natural one.

These are only a few of the questions customers can ask themselves when pondering whether or not artificial grass would be suitable for their needs.