Artificial grass is one of the most popular implements across modern western homes, giving their outdoor areas the same visual panache whilst significantly cutting down on maintenance requirements.

Indeed, artificial grass is famous for how little maintenance it entails, especially when compared to a natural lawn. The extent of ensuring an artificial turf carpet is kept in good condition amounts to little more than the occasional hosing down to remove debris or animal waste, and this is one of the main reasons the material is so popular among home-owners.

Even still, accidents can always occur; a turf carpet may have something staining dropped on it, for example. Should such a situation arise, it is important that home-owners be aware of how best to deal with it. In that spirit, the lines below detail the best way to deal with and remove stains from an artificial grass carpet.

“artificial grass is famous for how little maintenance it entails, especially when compared to a natural lawn”

Promptness is Key – The most important factor when dealing with a spill or stain is promptness; the more promptly action is taken when such a situation occurs, the easier it will be to resolve.

In this regard, artificial grass is no different than any other material. Should anything staining spill on a turf carpet, home-owners are advised to act upon it immediately, to ensure the staining agent does not have time to take action. Most artificial grass rolls are stain-resistant, so the use of water will generally be enough to diffuse the problem; should the stain persist after the area is washed, however, the use of a mild soap or detergent will almost certainly finish off the job. The use of harsh chemicals or solvents, on the other hand, should be avoided, as it could damage the turf carpet irreparably.

Either way, a spill or stain on an artificial grass carpet is clearly not the end of the world; rather, such a situation is easily dealt with, provided the home-owner knows what steps to take.