Once considered cheap and tacky, artificial grass eventually revealed a series of positive traits which helped endear it to western home-owners, resulting in its popularity today matching, if not exceeding, that of its natural counterpart.

One of the main characteristics which contributed to make artificial grass a favourite across the western world was its ease of maintenance when compared to natural grass. Home-owners appreciate the fact that this material requires almost negligible maintenance, and this has played a big part in its sales volumes over the years.

Even still, it is important that owners of artificial grass carpets take care to carry out a few basic maintenance measures, to ensure the material provides the best value for money. The lines below outline a few of the steps necessary for both weekly and long-term maintenance.

“The only weekly maintenance measure home-owners need to see to with regards to artificial grass is hosing”


Weekly Maintenance

The only weekly maintenance measure home-owners need to see to with regards to artificial grass is hosing. An artificial turf carpet should be sprayed down at least once a week, in order to rinse any dust particles from the surface of the turf and ensure the fibres stay in good condition.

Monthly Maintenance

On a monthly basis, on the other hand, home-owners should give their artificial grass lawns a more thorough cleaning, with a lawn rake, a stiff broom or a stiff brush. Care should be taken, however, to ensure whichever implement is chosen, it does not have steel bristles, as these could damage the turf. Once this process is completed, the turf should be groomed back upright, to ensure the blades stay erect.

The turf can also periodically be washed with a mild detergent, though formulas with active ingredients can be damaging to the material and should be avoided.

If these measures are seen to, there is no reason an artificial grass carpet should not look lush and appealing regardless of age or use!