Appreciated by both home-owners and sports club directors for being durable, safe, reliable, sturdy and very easy to maintain, commercial artificial grass is an increasingly common sight in back lawns and sports pitches the world over.  However, while these are arguably the most popular uses for commercial artificial grass, they are far from the only practical applications for this material in everyday life. Turf carpets have also been gaining popularity as the covering for children’s play areas, golf courses or dog runs, and there is one extra application for this type of material which the western world is only just now becoming aware of: namely, its potential as a replacement for natural grass within the streets of a city.

Indeed when most people think of commercial artificial grass, their mind still tends to immediately drift to sports pitches, landscaped gardens, and other areas implying a vast, flat expanse. Very few, if any of the respondents will be aware that commercial artificial grass can be used in smaller areas as well, and can therefore make for a suitable replacement for natural grass within a landscaped city roundabout or along an avenue lane, for instance.

This concept is, however, not entirely alien to city officials in the UK and the US, where experiments to this effect have begun to be conducted. For instance, the city of Naperville, in the American state of Illinois, has implemented commercial artificial grass along its main street, and recently, the possibility was discussed in the UK as well, with the Barnstaple town council reportedly set to experiment with this solution in its effort to tidy up the town’s appearance. More and more towns are expected to follow suit in the near future, and it is likely this trend may become widespread.

It is clear, then, that the uses for commercial artificial grass go well beyond the standard sports pitches and lawns; the material has nearly endless applications, and some are only just being discovered!