Top Quality You Can Touch

For those homeowners looking to create the absolute perfect garden with artificial grass, it might be time to meet our Touch of Luxury artificial grass lawn! It’s a guaranteed way to ensure that you get an evergreen, low maintenance garden that comes with a unique combination of hard wearing construction and a velvety soft touch. But just what else makes it the ideal artificial grass for the home? Good question!

Many homeowners often ask if their children will warm up to the artificial grass or notice that there’s been a change, and so we’re happy to report that our 36mm Touch of Luxury is sure to make a perfect match for anyone with kids that love playing outside in the garden. Not only will the fantastically soft surface be a pleasure to walk and rest on, but the hard wearing qualities of the grass will ensure that your garden will look just as good as ever no matter how much they run around.

Our 36mm Touch of Luxury artificial grass lawn is perfect for pets, too, so you definitely won’t have to worry about your furry friends staying away from the garden once you’ve made the switch. On the contrary, in fact, you’re guaranteed to see them falling in love with the brand new artificial grass lawn as soon as they step foot on it, as the incredibly soft surface and wholly natural qualities are the perfect match for any pet – especially if you own a dog that’s fond of the feeling of a lush and green meadow!

Add to that the fact that all of our artificial grass products eliminate mud and maintenance such as mowing and weeding, and it should be immediately obvious why our 36mm Touch of Luxury grass is so highly sought after. Make sure you don’t wait to get touch!

Our luxurious artificial lawns are just waiting to make the perfect match with your garden, so don’t wait to check out our full range of products if you think that the advantages and benefits of artificial grass are the ideal thing for you. Whether you opt in for our 36mm Touch of Luxury artificial grass turf or you’d prefer something a little shorter in pile height, just get in contact with our team and we’ll take care of the rest!