A Natural Match with Pets – Artificial Grass

Turf is excellent for households with pets. More and more pet-owners have been discovering the virtues of artificial grass for animals, and the material is quickly surpassing natural grass in homes with cats or dogs. This is due, to no small extent, to the low maintenance turf requires, and how hygienic it is when compared to real grass.

These very same characteristics also make the material a favourite for other situations involving animals. Listed below are three popular uses of artificial grass for animals outside of a domestic setting.

Dog Kennel Runs

Many dog kennels, particularly outdoor ones, use turf to line the runs the animals are kept in. This is because turf is highly damage-resistant, easy to clean and impervious to urine, three of the main factors behind the popularity of artificial grass for animals. Dogs left in turf-lined kennels or runs will therefore be free to move around, play and even relieve themselves on the surface, without this implying a great deal of work for their care-takers afterwards.

‘Bathroom’ Areas

Some parks and public areas have small fenced-in areas for dogs to relieve themselves in, often lined with turf. This is because, as noted above, this material is impervious to urine, which simply runs off it, and not sufficiently porous to cause faeces to sink, meaning they are easy to pick up with a plastic bag or glove.

Play Areas

Due to being hard to damage, turf is also widely used in pet play areas, to allow the dogs to romp freely without actually causing any damage to the surface. This trait also makes the material popular in children’s play areas.

These are only three of the most popular uses of artificial grass for animals; together, however, they significantly contribute to the popularity of this material among pet-owners.