Plymouth. It is home to world renowned gin, famous ferry ports and now Great Grass artificial grass! Yes, we recently sent some of our artificial grass to be used at Plymouth University. With over 26,900 students Plymouth University is the 15th largest in the United Kingdom – and now all those students get the joy of experiencing our fantastic artificial grass.

Artificial Grass

The artificial grass that we had delivered to Plymouth University was used for an extensive outdoor area for students and staff to enjoy. As you can see from the picture above it was a very large area to cover indeed! Once the artificial grass was installed it didn’t take long for the people of Plymouth to start using it as you can see from the image below. The beautiful weather just adds to the scene!

Great Grass artificial grass is the ideal product for creating outdoor activity spaces like this and we’ve delivered to many schools, universities and institutions as well as Plymouth University. Our artificial grass products are perfect for this type of use as they can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic without compromising on their look or quality. You can also place things such as benches, chairs, tables and other large display or functional objects on them without damaging the artificial grass. This benefit makes artificial grass the perfect surface for any kind of event, party or celebration – or just a beautiful all year round seating area.

For more information on any of our artificial grass products please look around our website or get in contact with us here at Great Grass.