Relaxing in the garden during summer is one best things we are able to do in Britain. After all, we spend around 6 months of the year trying to avoid the outdoors because it is too cold. Sometimes however, we may find that we have unintentionally let the condition of our grass slip and we are greeted with unsightly mud patches and unusable summer surfaces. Here are a few of the uses that artificial grass can present to different people and companies during the UK summer…

  • Pubs are a starring attraction during summer and they tend to fill very easily with people who want to enjoy the weather in beer gardens- however the last thing visitors want to see is a rundown pub with a garden that could use some serious TLC. Artificial grass offers companies the ability to present a professional company whilst cutting out the maintenance required.
  • Artificial grass first made its appearance in American Football Stadiums and to this day it is used within many different types of sport industries. Artificial grass is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, including that caused by the repeated use of sport shoes. Plus, because sporting fields tend to be very large, artificial grass cuts out the time that is taken up by the maintenance of natural grass.

There are many more different uses that can be gained from the installation of artificial grass in summer, especially in a regular back yard! Not only is artificial grass slip proof, homeowners won’t have to worry about muddy patches or fading colours too. Get in contract with a member of the Great Grass team today to find out more information!