artificial grass

When you hear the name artificial grass, what comes to mind? Do you see a lush green garden that looks like an ever so slightly overgrown meadow, with long and wavy blades swaying in the wind, or do you prefer that incredibly well kept and neatly trimmed look?

You should never think that just because you prefer the look of long pile height artificial grass products, you have to settle for less resistant grass than you might get with shorter turfs. In much the same way, there’s no need to worry that investing in a shorter, more freshly trimmed look will compromise how natural and beautiful your artificial grass garden can be. With that in mind, why not come and have a look through the full stock of artificial grass products found online at Great Grass? From the compact 20mm blades of our Show Garden grass to the lush green strands of our Touch of Luxury artificial grass turf, we can guarantee that there’s something for everyone in our stock.

We’re so confident about the perfect balance between resistance and aesthetic beauty that we’ve achieved that we’ll always be able to send you free artificial grass samples on request, allowing you to get your hands on a pack containing just about any grass you could want. You’ll be able to pick out the grass with the exact colour and texture you had in mind, knowing that whatever pile height you prefer will exhibit all of the highly resistant and long-lasting qualities that put artificial grass on the map in the first place!

Whether you’re in the market for short or tall when it comes to the pile height of your ideal artificial grass garden, Great Grass is the UK’s leading supplier of artificial grass lawns and we’re ready to supply success. Our tremendously varied stock of products has everything you could ever want for your garden, exhibition stand or more, so make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can. We’re always waiting to deliver the finest artificial grass products on the market.