Artificial Grass

Here at Great Grass, we’re specialists when it comes to all kinds of artificial grass, with our products rapidly transforming gardens across the country into lush, evergreen spaces – but what about artificial grass for indoor purposes? Now we realise that the idea of putting an artificial grass lawn indoors might seem a little surprising, but it only makes more sense the longer you think about it!

Our top quality artificial grass is soft and natural to the touch, but that doesn’t stop it from maintaining the highest levels of resistance against flattening and other sources of wear. That’s exactly why it’s the first choice for so many people looking for commercial artificial grass that can handle being stepped on, played on and generally brought into contact with sources of wear on a regular basis. Those situations can range from anything from an exhibition to a play area, so the need for a flexible artificial grass solution should be all too obvious!

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our 20mm Show Garden artificial grass! It’s definitely the ideal turf for anyone looking to include commercial artificial grass as a part of an exhibition, but that’s not the only role in which it can excel. This product is ideally suited for use in schools, play areas, balconies and terraces, and even inside of offices, and you have our guarantee that this artificial grass won’t let you down no matter where you put it.

Featuring the same innovative design that allows all of our artificial grass products to become instant successes, our Show Garden grass is incredibly hard wearing while retaining the look and feel of a freshly mowed lawn. We recommend you look into investing as soon as you can!

After all, when it comes to providing the very best commercial artificial grass on the market, we here at Great Grass have a tremendous list of happy clients and satisfied customers who can testify to our premium standard of service.  Whether you’re looking for fantastic prices on our 20mm Show Garden artificial grass or another one of our incredible products, don’t wait to get in touch. You can find our full contact details right here on our website.