Interested in the very latest technology and developments in artificial grass? Better yet, would you like them in your garden? Here at Great Grass, we’re huge fans of putting only the finest technologies and features into our grass, which is why we’re so keen to talk about Clever Yarn and all of the benefits it can bring to a lawn.

If you didn’t know, Clever Yarn is the innovative design feature around which some of our very finest artificial grass lawns are created, making products such as our 35mm Prestige grass truly stand out from the crowd.

The secret behind Clever Yarn lies with the way that we stitch each individual strand of artificial grass into its latex backing, employing a revolutionary W-shaped pattern in order to attain that perfect balance between a beautiful aesthetic, hard wearing standard of resistance and a completely authentic feeling to the touch. It’s thanks to that stitch pattern that each strand will expertly ward off flattening and provide a realistic bounce just like a natural lawn would, all while remaining as velvety soft as you could ever want it to be. That’s something that you just wouldn’t get with any other kind of artificial grass.

We’ve used our 35mm Prestige artificial grass as a prime example of how Clever Yarn can create an absolutely stunning product that in turn transforms any garden into a beautiful and evergreen space, but you can expect the very same from just about everything we’ve got to offer. Come and see why Great Grass is so highly regarded among homeowners and gardeners like!

After all, if you’ve been looking through the artificial grass market for the highest standards of quality offered at incredibly competitive prices, you definitely won’t want to miss out on what we’ve got waiting for you. Our 35mm Prestige artificial grass is one way to create a gorgeous garden, but our entire range of artificial grass products is sure to amaze you. Don’t wait to get in contact with Great Grass if you like what you see!