We’re always hearing about how we need to get children up and about, doing more exercise to combat obesity, but did you know young children only need around 60 minutes of exercise to maintain good health? This could include any type of activity such as football, tig, riding a bike or, if you have the means, a climbing frame.

Whether at home or at school, a climbing frame is an excellent way for children to have fun, whilst still getting their daily exercise. But it’s important that you have the right outdoor environment for children to enjoy and combing artificial grass with fall absorbent shock pads is a great way to always have a safe place prepared to play.

Investing in a fall absorbent shock pad means if a child falls, which, let’s face it, happens, the chance of injury is significantly reduced, due to the density, thickness and composition of the pad that has been specifically calculated.

Our fall absorbent shock pad is an ideal foundation for artificial grass which can be used in play areas such as climbing frames in schools and open houses, sports playing pitches, or even the back garden. With the added padding of the shock pad, you’ll have peace of mind that your child can play in a completely safe way.

Great Grass fall absorbent shock pad is designed specifically with Great Grass artificial grass in mind; using an open flake structure provides effective drainage of ground water for your surface to ensure a quickly dried surface – even after a heavy downpour of rain!

For more information on combining a fall absorbent shock pad with artificial grass contact us today.