Commercial Artificial Grass

If you’re looking into getting your hands on commercial artificial grass or something special for the home and you have pets, especially dogs, then it’s likely that you might have their interests in mind when considering whether to make the switch to an artificial grass lawn or not. It’s a very common worry by most people with pets that their furry companions will be put off without the feeling of natural grass underneath their paws, and while we see why you might think that, we’re very happy to report that it’s simply not the case!

At Great Grass, we’ve designed our top quality commercial artificial grass products with pets in mind, bringing innovative design and cutting edge technology to bear in order to create something truly special. We’ve gone to every length to ensure that our full range of artificial grass products looks as natural as you could ever want, with differing shades of green and lush blades giving the grass a beautifully real look, but the real secret to our commercial artificial grass lies in how soft and authentic it feels to the touch.

Thanks to our innovatively designed stitches and weaves, alongside a dedicated approach to making every single individual blade able to spring back into place and resist flattening, you’re guaranteed to be shocked by just how realistic our artificial grass feels. More importantly, your pets will too!

There’s also the fact that our artificial grass features incredibly low maintenance requirements, never needing to be mowed, water or weeded. This avoids having to spray chemicals on your lawn which could be potentially harmful for your pets! Of course there’s also the lack of mud involved with our artificial grass, which immediately removes that dreaded image of your dog walking muddy paw prints into the house – or worse, shaking the contents of his fur around your kitchen!

If this is sounding tempting, why not give us a call? We can promise your pets will fall in love with our commercial artificial grass just as much as you will, so there’s every reason to pick up the phone or drop us an email to find out more. You can even get a hold of some free samples if you’d like to experience our premium standards of quality first hand, so don’t be afraid to get in contact!