Festival season is approaching with the likes of Reading and Leeds, V Festival, T in the Park and a whole band of other events scheduled for the summer months. Now, having been to a few festivals or two in our time, we’re well aware that UK festivals often fall foul of the British weather. The major festivals are always scheduled when we’re supposed to get the best weather, i.e. more sun and no rain, but if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s rain at a festival. Now a bit of rain never hurt anyone but the aftermath of rain at a festival is ungodly. Mud gets everywhere. That’s why we’re suggesting artificial grass areas at this year’s festivals!

You might think we’re over exaggerating here but even a small, short downpour can cause a massive amount of mud. Last year at Leeds festival there were 75,000 music lovers stomping around the arena. If you were to couple that with rain, the grass wouldn’t take long to get churned up and turned into a swash of mud. With artificial grass areas, you could cut all that out – or at least minimise it.

Festivals are there to be enjoyed, sitting on the grass with your friends, enjoying a beer, a burger and some great music is what it’s all about. I remember one festival where the mud was up to shin height and there were no areas to sit down. It also made it incredibly difficult to walk; stopping for a second meant you started to sink – not enjoyable! Artificial grass is comfy to sit on and won’t turn into sloppy mud the moment the heavens (inevitably) open.

Here at Great Grass, we specialise in mud free events so give us a call for more information on our artificial grass products.