Moving Away From MaintenanceWhile owning a garden is undoubtedly a joy for a whole range of reasons from being able to host family barbecues all the way to exercising one’s green thumb, sometimes keeping it in check can start to feel like a bit of a drag. We’re all for gardening, being big fans of it ourselves, but there’s nothing to enjoy about constantly having to trim your lawn, fertilise dead patches and – worst of all – yank particularly stubborn weeds out of the ground to stop them invading.

Fortunately, we here at Great Grass have a solution that just might solve all of your problems, and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re referring to our artificial grass. All of our products are designed with ease and convenience in mind, and the very nature of artificial grass itself means that you instantly do away with so many garden chores just by investing.

Although our artificial grass looks and feels completely realistic, it isn’t! That means that any given artificial lawn will never grow longer than the height you purchased it at, will never require watering, and with a cleverly designed, free draining latex base layer you won’t see weeds sprouting up any time either. If you have pets, it’s that same ability to drain away that makes this grass hygienic, and therefore easier for you.

More and more homeowners every year are making the switch to artificial grass precisely because it frees up so much time for garden activities that aren’t tedious chores, so what’s keeping you?

With a tremendous selection of low maintenance artificial grass lawns and surfaces just waiting to be discovered, there’s no reason not to make Great Grass your first port of call. Make sure you don’t wait to get in touch with our friendly team of artificial grass experts, as we’re always ready to help you create the ultimate low maintenance garden. Our contact details can be found in full on our website.