artificial grass

What kind of surface do you think of when you hear about artificial grass? We certainly couldn’t blame you if you envisioned a hard, unnatural surface more suited to a playing court, as just ten years ago that was pretty much the state of artificial grass. Thankfully, however, artificial grass has a come a very long way in that time, and now you only have to look at the absolutely stunning artificial grass we have to offer if you want to see just what to expect from today’s top standards!

At Great Grass, we’ve made sure that our gorgeous artificial grass exemplifies the technology and progress of the modern day, with innovative design guaranteeing a product which truly stands out from the crowd. Grass products like our 36mm Touch of Luxury grass are the perfect demonstration of how our artificial grass strikes a balance between hard wearing resilience and velvety soft comfort, making full use of the incredible features and technology we put into every one of our lawns.

Artificial grass is no longer limited in its uses, either, as it can create a huge variety of surfaces from garden lawns to sports playing fields where resistance is key. Your pets and kids are guaranteed to fall in love with our artificial grass, too, as it looks and feels just like the real thing while also being completely friendly to your little ones and furry friends.

If you’re feeling tempted to see just how far artificial grass has come since the old days, simply picking up the phone and getting in touch will net you your very own free samples so you can experience our premium standards of quality first hand. From there, you need only contact us to let us know what you need and our expert team will soon be providing the best artificial grass has to offer!