Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular, and people either love it or they hate it. However there are a lot of misconceptions with artifical grass that have developed over the years which can be off putting when looking into buying artifical grass. We’re here to cancel out these misconceptions, so you can make up your mind and decide if artificial grass is for you or not.

“Artificial grass contains harmful chemicals and toxins”

This is wrong- this myth started in the 1960’s when artifical grass was very cheap-looking and actually did contain toxins. Howver things are very different these days, with more sophisticated manufacturing, toxins arent used in artifical grass- in order to be safe for your children and pets to use frequently and play on etc.

“Fake grass doesn’t really match the look of real grass”

If you are willing to spend the money to buy high quality sophisticated grass then it will look almost identical to real grass. With the artificial grass market on the rise technology is constantly changing, and artificial grass is becoming more and more advanced. A good quality product would be soft to touch, and look almost identical to real grass.

“Artificial grass is bad for drainage systems”

Not the case- artificial grass is designed to have small holes in the base to provide a drainage system, which is more efficient than real grass, and is proven to drain around 30 inches per hour therefore wouldn’t cause a waterlog incident.

“It’s really expensive”

Artificial grass may seem pricey at first, but most suppliers have a year guarantee, and over time your savings on basic gardening tools is recuperated. Artificial grass is so popular now that it can add value to your home, as so many people are interested in it and believe it adds to the overall aesthetic of your garden.

Hopefully we have been able to put straight the misconceptions of artificial grass, and given you a more accurate encounter. Artificial grass is so popular now and so easy to install, it adds to the aesthetic of your garden and looks ravishing. Great Grass are affordable artificial grass installers and can also provide samples before the final product is installed!