There are so many different things that can have an effect on how good your grass looks and its usability. If you have a full household; kids, pets – the lot, then your lawn or garden is going to see some heavy foot traffic. Heavy use of a natural lawn can quickly see the surface deteriorate which not only looks unsightly, it can be hazardous for children to play on. Bare patches can really smart when if you fall over!
Artificial Grass

The seasons also play havoc on your gardens. In the winter, the lawns freeze over and whilst it’s fun to play around in the snow, making footprints, after the season is over – you get that awful sludge that takes an age to go away again. Then, on the off chance that we get a boiling hot summer, the sun dries out your grass leaving it wilted, bare and patchy. You can’t win!

Fortunately, artificial grass is a godsend for homeowners. And so are we! Here at Great Grass, we have top quality artificial grass products that are guaranteed to have your garden looking incredible no matter how much foot traffic, rain, heat or pet play it encounters!

Like the British summer, natural grass doesn’t stick around for long – get your artificial grass today!