In the UK, we spend at least half of the year hiding indoors from the weather that it often becomes difficult to find something to do when the temperatures start to rise. Here at Great Grass, we are all about the great outdoors and we want our readers to be able to make the most of their space this summer. Luckily, we’ve put together a few ways you can do this…


It’s difficult to get outdoors when the most common type of weather in the UK is rain, however summer offers the perfect opportunity to go on a leisurely walk around your neighbourhood. In fact, you can even bring along the family pet. Just remember that a surface which is too hot for you is far too hot for your dog’s paws!


British people love any excuse to have a barbeque and when the sun starts shining you can bet every single house will hold at least one. In fact, it’s almost a tradition. From the sizzling on the grill to the smell that engulfs the garden, there’s nothing better than a relaxing BBQ in your own back yard.


There are dedicated and experienced gardeners who are able to keep their plants thriving all year around however some of the more novice types may find that a beautiful sunny day is easier to begin this hobby. Not only is it less stressful, you will earn a pretty nice tan in the process too, just be sure to regularly apply sun cream!

Summer is the perfect time to get together with your friends outside however if your garden isn’t up to scratch, it can be embarrassing when your time comes to host the gathering. Fret not, artificial grass has got you covered! With its low maintenance guarantee and realistic appeal, you’ll have plenty of time to organise your barbeque this summer without having to mow the lawn!