One of the main worries that people considering the swap to artificial grass will have usually concern its quality. After all, we want our grass to look as natural as possible and low quality turf is just not going to cut it. Here at Great Grass, we are the experts when it comes to all thing artificial grass related which is why we want to define the difference between high quality and low quality turf in order to put your mind at rest…

Low Quality

A turf that is of a low standard will have a plastic reflection on the blades and will not look natural. In fact, since the colour of real grass varies quite a lot a low quality turf can be distinguished fairly easily since it will most likely feature one solid colour. Not only does this add to how unrealistic it looks, it also makes the turf look rather mediocre. As you may expect low quality turfs are often cheaper to purchase however it is also important to take into consideration how the product was made as even the most realistic looking turfs can be poorly formed.

High Quality

On the other hand, a high quality turf is one that looks and feels like real grass. In fact, a high quality turf should be able to fool the everyday passer-byer into thinking that it is the real thing. With a range of different colours used to create the natural look of real blades of grass, a soft texture and a well-made design, you can easily distinguish a high quality piece of turf from one that is low quality.

Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your lawn or simply want to create a pet and child safe play environment, artificial grass is the way forwards. Despite this, quality should never be sacrificed. At Great Grass we are proud to provide high quality and realistic looking turf perfect for any yard. Speak to a member of the team to find out more information today!