We’re always barking on about how much dogs love our artificial grass for dogs, so much so that you may be sick of it by now. Well, we’re sorry but it’s something that we can’t help but shout about! In fact, there’s one pooch in particular that can’t get enough of artificial grass and that’s Tilly; our Great Grass mascot. Here she is helping out with one of our jobs:.


Artificial grass doesn’t need much maintenance at all so we’re not sure why Tilly got so tired after her bit of work, maybe it’s because she’s so small. Whatever the reason, she needed a little bit of a snooze after her brush work. We’ll forgive her because she’s cute!


Of course once she awoke from her nap, Tilly was more than happy to play on the artificial grass, after all she’d worked for it. Like all dogs, she loved the artificial grass, as you can see!


Our artificial grass for dogs is a real hit with all the canines but lots of other animals love the feel of the product too. If you have a cat, dog, rabbit, ferret or even a hamster; they’ll love interacting with the artificial grass.

If you’d like more information, or just more pictures of Tilly, then have a look around our website. We’re also more than happy to answer any of your questions over the phone about any of our artificial grass products including the best artificial grass for dogs.