Artificial grass is absolutely ideal for both commercial and domestic properties, as it is reliable and resourceful; dependable and durable. Hard wearing artificial grass from Great Grass is designed to last and is actually incredibly easy to install if you have the appropriate equipment at your disposal. All you need is the right tools and you are all set and ready to go! Moving house can be a rather stressful and time-consuming task as there is so much to get organised and you need to make sure that the wheels have been set in motion if you are planning to re-locate before Christmas. Hiring a removal van, packing up endless boxes and giving your home a thorough clean should be top of your list, but what about if you have just handed the keys over to the new tenant and they are not happy about the state of the garden as it has not been seen to in months? Due to the fact that the weather is becoming decidedly chillier you have not been able to tend to your lawn and give it the attention that it fully deserves.

This could potentially spell disaster as they want to be able to sit out in the back yard and relax in pretty, picturesque surroundings as opposed to having to get the shears out and prune the hedges, trim borders and get rid of that offensive Japanese knot weed which always seems to make an appearance at the most inconvenient of times. If only you had thought to install artificial grass before the contract had been signed as you could then tick one more box off that all-important ‘to do’ list and not have to worry about whether your garden looked neat and tidy. We have an extensive and varied collection of top quality artificial grass for you to peruse; such as spring, summer, budget and show garden lawns which do not need constant TLC. All you have to do is give this lovely artificial grass a vigorous sweep with a stiff yard brush every 2-3 weeks in order for it to look pristine and immaculate. Selling a property can be extremely difficult; especially in these frugal times when money is tight and you have to make a little go a long way; but if an outdoor area is attractive and eye-catching then you could see its value increase substantially and it will be considerably easier to lure prospective buyers and persuade them to make that all-important purchase. If you are a landlord and have a list of buildings on your books which you are trying to lease out then investing in artificial grass from Great Grass will put you in an incredibly lucrative position.

For more information about how to install artificial grass then all you need to do is get in touch with us today on 0161 685 0071. We will furnish you with all of the necessary information that you require and even share a few handy hints and top tips, which will come in extremely handy when you need a bit of a helping hand with all things gardening-related.