MTV is very well known by now for its many ventures into reality TV, the pursuit of watching such shows as Geordie Shore sweeping across the nation like a craze. Whether you love them or hate them, people are tuning in to what has fast become one of the newest and most popular types of programming on television today. Here at Great Grass, we’re proud to be the latest addition to MTV’s list of suppliers, providing our artificial grass to the roaring show The Valleys.

First broadcast in September 2012, The Valleys is one of the latest reality TV series to captivate over five-hundred thousand people regularly and is currently well into its third run. Set in Cardiff and featuring the often hilarious exploits of a group of young, fame-hungry kids from the titular South Wales Valleys, they set out to achieve their starlit dreams. It never goes quite to plan though, and the combination of parties, alcohol, and larger-than-life personalities proves an obstacle that’s entertaining to say the least!

You can catch The Valleys every Tuesday at 10 pm only on MTV, but make sure you keep an eye open for our artificial grass!

Great Grass is the largest supplier of artificial grass in the UK, providing a professional and efficient service to deliver convenience at no cost to beauty. Our artificial grass is more than suitable for even the worst of the Welsh climate, and is guaranteed to last come whatever wet and windy days get thrown at it. For residential, commercial, and production applications, we’re sure that we’ll have something to make your lawn look the best it can do at a price which is incredibly good value for money.