Have you ever wondered why we have artificial grass? What is the purpose, why don’t we just use the good old home grown good stuff we’re used to?  We at Great Grass are here to tell you why artificial grass is an absolute-must for those summer days.

Artificial grass started becoming popular around the 1960’s when it was first used in a newly constructed astrodome in Houston, Texas. Our surfaces are made from synthetic fibres (also known as plastic) which are made to look like natural grass. But why would you bother buying plastic grass just to look like real grass, when you could just head out and buy the real thing?

Well, the main reason for choosing artificial grass is maintenance or, more specifically, the lack of it. It can stand heavy use, such as sports, and requires no watering or trimming. It’s hassle free. No more worrying about pot holes from animals or muddy trails being tracked through your house. Artificial grass is most often used in arena’s for sports, as the spikes on football shoes can destroy a beautifully grown field in a matter of hours and can take months to regrow. It takes just a few days to replace a torn square.

Why is artificial grass beneficial?

–          As we get older our lifestyles become more active and there might not been enough time in the week to cut the grass. Cutting the grass can take up to 2-3 hours a week of your precious time, therefore artificial grass can be beneficial to you. Instead you can pull out the deck chairs and sip on your favourite beverage, as you gaze across your even, healthy, quality looking grass.


–          As well as freeing up more time for yourself, artificial grass also helps the environment with no carbon emissions. Artificial grass stops people using petrol driven lawn-mowers when cutting their grass, it also reduces pollution from water run-off carrying chemicals into the drains- which you might inadvertently drink or bathe in.

–          Do you want to save money long term and have a beautiful garden? Then we highly recommend artificial grass. No fertilizers will be needed, which will obviously save you money, and no watering is needed unless giving the grass a quick clean for the BBQ- and there is no need to purchase a lawn mower. Our artificial grass ranges from £13.99-£29.99 meters squared. Once you’ve purchased the artificial grass there is no need to buy again, saving you lots of money in the long run.

Here at Great Grass we provide the best quality artificial grass there is to offer, and please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further info on the services we have available.