Garden Season is Vastly Approaching

With summer vastly approaching it’s more important than ever that your garden is looking good. Family and friends are spending longer in the garden and having BBQ’s, therefore it’s time to get your artificial grass installed and to get the garden looking better than ever. With summer coming up and the sun beaming, people are like to be spending time in the gardens and want to relax and chill rather than having to do the tedious gardening chores that come with having real grass.

The struggle of real grass in summer

When the weather’s hot in summer and the sun is constantly blaring, real grass tends to dry out and become straw-like with the changing in climate. People are spending hundreds of pounds on water bills and spending hours stood watering, trying to retrieve some sort of life out of their grass, then two weeks later find it is shrivelled up again. Summer days are designed for sitting in the garden with family and friends enjoying a few drinks around a BBQ.

Why artificial grass in summer?

Most people believe that with artificial grass it will shrivel and become discoloured with the sun, however this isn’t the case. Artificial grass has a fresh green colour and this remains all year round, therefore doesn’t need replacing and looks sophisticated. Artificial grass is easier to manage in summer, being able to easily clean it and not having to have to constantly mow it every couple of weeks it’s a convenient form of grass, that looks simple but very effective.
With garden season coming up and children constantly playing outside, it’s more accessible for them to play outside and there will be no muddy foot prints running through the house. Artificial grass is easily drainable, therefore kids can enjoy paddling pools and water fights, and there won’t be grass stains on their clothes with artificial grass.


Artificial grass is very beneficial for summer, it looks aesthetically pleasing for homeowners and perfect for garden party weather. We believe it is the perfect time to get artificial grass installed into your homes, through being so suited to all ages and care-free it is perfect and brings summer to your home.


With Great Grass being such successful artificial grass installers it is the perfect time to get yours installed just before summer comes along!