We’re hoping you all had a very fun and safe bonfire last week! Bonfire night is of course to mark the foiled attempt at blowing up Parliament by Guy Fawkes. We’ve been celebrating the night for centuries with many choosing to host their own bonfires at home, however, if you’ve got artificial grass, it’s a wise idea to forego the home bonfire and stick to a public one. That’s because even though our artificial grass is flame retardant, it can singe, burn and melt at high temperatures. Because the grass blades are artificial, it means they can’t grow back once they’re gone!

artificial grass

Bonfires are fun, but you don’t want to ruin your beautiful artificial grass, so it is best to leave it to the professionals! It’s less stressful anyway, all the pressure is taken away from you, AND you can enjoy thousands and thousands of pounds worth of fireworks in a stellar display, without bearing the brunt of the cost.

If you’re thinking about getting artificial grass then let us tell you that the benefits of having an artificial lawn far outweigh the fact that you can’t have a homemade bonfire. Artificial grass provides you with a low maintenance, hassle-free, perfectly coiffed lawn all year round. What’s not to love?

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