When it comes to matters of maintenance, there’s really nothing better than artificial grass to give you the ability to kick back, relax and take your mind off of your garden. It might look and feel just like the real thing, with our innovative weave system, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference, but unlike natural grass there’s an absence of growth and every blade will stay the exact same height you bought it to be.

Say goodbye to strafing the lawn with your lawnmower, with our grass eliminating the need to pace up and down until everything looks neat and level again. All you’ll ever need to do is go over the grass once or twice every month with a brush or hoover, as this will get rid of the natural build-up of moss as well as keeping the grass nicely fluffed up and looking great.

And that’s really just about it! You won’t have to utilise insecticides or fertilisers as our grass remains green all year round, no matter how grey the weather might get, and a free draining system allows for water to effortlessly filter through the lawn and out of your mind. Your pets and kids are guaranteed to love those aspects for sure, so if you’re looking to invest in the ease which artificial grass can bring, why not give us a call as soon as you can?

We here at Great Grass are the UK’s number one suppliers of commercial artificial grass, offering fantastic cheap prices without any compromises where quality is concerned. Let’s take the maintenance out of your garden together, or use our grass as an incredibly easy way to add that green touch to any show or exhibition you’re looking to do. Get in contact as soon as you can!