For those of us that are more green-fingered than others, the thought of having to give up our garden is unthinkable, but as we get older we often lose our mobility, agility and ability to tend to our gardens the way we used to. Some people hand over their tools to a gardener to take on the job, but not everyone can afford this luxury and for others the joy came from actually doing the work themselves. So what are you to do? A low maintenance garden may just be the thing you need.

With a low maintenance garden from Great Grass, you can still enjoy pottering around the garden without the heavy duty tasks such as mowing and weeding getting on top of you. Dragging a lawnmower around is often impossible once we get to a certain age and all the bending down, crouching and pulling involved in weeding can also be tricky. By getting artificial grass installed, you can transform your garden into a low maintenance garden with minimal fuss

Once you have your artificial grass down and your low maintenance garden at the ready, it allows you to focus on the more enjoyable and manageable gardening activities, such as potting plants and flower beds, without the need for you to give up on your garden completely. You can create the garden of your dreams whilst the main lawn pretty much looks after itself (just give is a quick brush every once in a while to stop it feeling neglected).

Staying active later in life is essential for our health and wellbeing and light gardening activities are a great way to ensure this. Gardening is also great for keeping the mind active which is one of the things we all worry about as we get older. We love that artificial grass and having a low maintenance garden is allowing people to carry on with their hobbies!