Up To Date – Artificial Grass

When you hear the name “artificial grass” what do you think of? That might sound like an odd question, but even if you were to go back to only ten years ago, the answer would be wildly different than the one most people might give today. This is because artificial grass has seen an absolutely tremendous amount of development in a short period of time, going from a wholly unnatural, tough surface to a gorgeous, lush and completely realistic grass turf that hasn’t given up a thing in the way of hard-wearing resistance despite its new found refinement.

It’s really not just about the look of the grass, either! Artificial grass’ development over the years has also afforded it a tremendous degree of versatility with regards to where it can go and what roles it can fulfil to the very highest standards, which stands at a stark contrast to the limited use artificial grass and AstroTurf used to experience. Today’s artificial grass can create a whole variety of surfaces, from a spectacularly lush and authentic garden lawn to sports playing fields where resistance and realistic simulation of natural grass is essential for replicating ball roll, bounce and more. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

Fortunately, we’ve got just about every kind of artificial grass in our stock, with a range of products perfect for creating just about anything you might have had in mind. Don’t wait to have a look for yourself, or order your very own free sample pack to see first-hand just how incredible our artificial grass has become.

Here at Great Grass, we’re one-hundred percent committed to ensuring that you get the finest result possible when creating your ideal artificial grass lawn, which is exactly why we’ll always go above and beyond to ensure you receive nothing but the finest, most technologically developed and modern artificial grass on the market today. Simply get in contact with our artificial grass team either by phone or email, and we’ll soon be lending you a helping hand!