Artificial Grass

A lot of artificial grass utilised in residential applications such as in the creation of top quality evergreen gardens often falls prey to the shortcomings of cheap artificial grass, and may not feel soft or look quite as natural as you’d hope. Clever Yarn is our innovative solution to that problem, turning everything we know about creating the ideal artificial grass into a technology that can really make your very own artificial lawn look and feel absolutely incredible.

By stitching the individual strands of artificial grass into its latex backing in a revolutionary W-shaped pattern, we’ve ensured that all of our Clever Yarn powered products have an incredible ability to spring back into place after being flattened. Not only that, but each individual strand guarantees a softness and realism that you simply wouldn’t get with any other artificial grass. Pets and children are guaranteed to love how perfectly soft the artificial grass feels, and with our dedication to ensuring a natural look it’s every bit as likely that they won’t even notice the difference!

Our 35mm Prestige artificial grass is just one example of a product we stock which utilises Clever Yarn technology, but with our dedication to quality and customer service it’s quickly risen to be one of our most popular options and a best seller among our customers. If you feel as if you could benefit from investing, don’t wait to do just that!

For those looking for the very finest in commercial artificial grass at fantastically cheap prices, our 35mm Prestige artificial grass product is the absolute best choice both for residential and commercial uses. Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, and we’ll ensure that you get your ideal artificial grass solution in no time at all. We’re artificial grass suppliers that will never let you down.