It’s not immediately clear why choosing a “fake” lawn would be a big improvement over natural grass, especially if you get on well with your own garden as it is, but there really are some fantastic advantages just waiting to be discovered. We feel that we’re more qualified than anyone to tell you them, however, so that’s exactly what we plan to do! So just what are the benefits and advantages of artificial grass as opposed to the real thing? Well, read on!

First things first, using artificial grass in places like your garden can immediately result in a dramatic reduction in the amount of maintenance required to keep everything looking pristine. With no watering or mowing needed, all that’s required is a quick once over with a brush to remove the natural build-up of moss and things such as fluff. As you can imagine, however, this doesn’t take a while and doesn’t wear down your lawn!

There’s not much that can wear down our artificial grass, actually, and that’s what makes it such a perfect fit for applications like exhibitions and festivals, especially since its free draining and water resistant features give it the strength needed to happily sit outdoors. Even under the heaviest use, you can rest assured that our grass will remain as green as it needs to be, so even in places such as a children’s play area you can expect years and years of untarnished condition!

Other uses include locations where natural grass might not be the most practical choice, such as around swimming pools and on roof top gardens, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to choose where it goes. We can supply a product which is perfectly suited for your needs, and with a wealth of knowledge we can provide advice on anything you’re not sure about, too! Why not give us a ring as soon as you can?

Here at Great Grass, we’re proud to be the UK’s number one suppliers of commercial artificial grass, offering a huge range of top quality products at cheap prices you’ll hardly believe! We’ve told you some of the best things about our grass, now you simply have to experience it for yourself; if you’re interested, all it takes is for you to fill out a request form on our website and we’ll be able to send you all of our free samples for you to try out for yourself! You’re guaranteed to be satisfied, so we hope you’ll be getting in touch soon!