In Britain it is no secret that we are a nation of animal lovers. Whether you prefer your companion in the form of a fluffy bunny or a four legged canine, providing these helpless creatures with the best life possible is a priority in our day to day routine.

Here at Great Grass we want to support you as much as possible, in particular those of you with dogs! After all, artificial grass is our speciality and not enough people know how beneficial it can be when you have a dog. Here are a couple of advantages of artificial grass where dogs are concerned…

  • The UK is famous for its relentless rain and everchanging spells of sunshine that occur once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, when the heavens open the dog owners of this great nation prepare themselves for a series of muddy paw prints gracing the floors of their home. If that isn’t enough, their four legged friend generally wags their tail as if cleaning their prints is a game we enjoy. Thankfully, with artificial grass you can kiss this chore goodbye since there is no mud or mess after they come back inside!
  • If you have a sand infill with your artificial grass it means the grass is non-toxic, which is a very wise decision to make. After all, pets like dogs are known to eat grass in order to help ease a bad stomach and since they won’t know that the turf they are eating isn’t real, it is our responsibility to make sure that your grass is safe for both peace of mind and your dog’s health.

Who knew that having a dog as well as an outdoor yard could be so simple? With artificial grass, the days of muddy paws and a lawn full of uneven holes are in the past and you are able to show off your backyard with pride once again! For more information, speak to a member of the Great Grass team today!