BBQs have to be the best thing about summer. The food, the smell, the atmosphere; everything about a BBQ just puts you in a good mood. What’s your favourite thing about a BBQ? Is it the smell of sausages? The novelty aprons? The unavoidable confusion of how to initially light the BBQ? Or the betting on whether it’s going to start raining or not? (Hint: it will probably rain).

For me, it’s definitely the smell of burgers being cooked, with the taste of cheese slices melting on the bun and the whole thing washed down with a glass of Pimm’s! Mmm, I can almost taste it now!

If you’re going to have a BBQ you need to ensure that your garden is party ready. People can’t be forced to stand or sit on uneven grass, patchy areas or a muddy garden; with artificial grass, you’ve got your garden covered.

It’s always a bit hit and miss when it comes to BBQ food (there’s always that one “chef” who won’t let anyone else near the kebabs even though they ALWAYS burn them), and we can never rely on the weather to be predictable, that’s why the weather man is never invited to any of my BBQ’s. So with artificial grass, you can bring a bit of stability to the Great British BBQ and ensure that the foundation of your garden party is reliable – even if the rest of it goes to pot!