Artificially Natural – Artificial GrassYou may have had experiences with artificial grass in the past, and felt a little disappointed as to how it felt compared to a natural garden lawn, in which case we recommend you have a look at how our Clever Yarn stitch design is able to transform something wholly artificial into a product you’ll have a hard time believing isn’t natural.

As featured on our incredibly 36mm Touch of Luxury artificial grass, Clever Yarn is the innovative technology by which we’ve ensured that our artificial grass is every bit as authentic and velvety soft as you’d ever want it to be, while still maintaining an advanced resistance to wear and tear and a weather-proof sheen. By stitching each individual strand of artificial grass into a latex backing with a W-shaped pattern, we’ve made sure that every single one of our Clever Yarn powered artificial grass products will always be able to spring back into place after flattening. Not only does this provide a formidable level of resistance and protection for any brand new artificial grass lawn you get your hands on, but it also ensures that you’ll have an evergreen garden that feels almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

That means pets and kids won’t even notice the difference, and they’ll soon find themselves falling in love with the artificial grass in no time at all – perfect for the homeowner looking forward to the warmth of the spring and summer months soon to come!

Our 36mm Touch of Luxury is only one example of the tremendous Clever Yarn products found here at Great Grass, of course, but it perfectly represents the kind of quality you can expect to find throughout our full range of artificial grass lawns. It’s a best seller among our customers, too, so why not invest as soon as you can.

Next time you find yourself looking for the lushest, most authentic artificial grass on the market today, make sure you don’t wait to see what our 36mm Touch of Luxury grass could do for you. Simply get in contact as soon as you can, as we’re always waiting to provide the finest commercial artificial grass at stunningly cheap prices that you just couldn’t do without.