You’d be forgiven for making the mistake of believing that it’s better to play most sports on real grass. After all, whenever we think of football or rugby, we picture mud flying everywhere and bits of turf being torn out of the ground- and a lot of people believe that the sports just wouldn’t be the same if not played on real turf.

However, the installation of artificial grass will not only improve the quality of the sport being played, it will also relieve the groundsmen of his constant grass maintenance headache. It’s incredibly difficult for sports clubs to keep their grass looking great all year-round, which is why we always see bobbly football pitches around this time of year.

Well, use of artificial grass in sport is growing in popularity, and we’re here at Great Grass to tell you exactly why that is.


If you’ve ever seen someone miss a penalty and then wildly gesticulate at a bobble in the ground, you’ll know exactly how football can benefit from being played on artificial grass. Several professional football clubs have already installed artificial turf, and we believe it’s only a matter of time until the others follow. Artificial grass is incredibly popular in five-a-side football, due to the fact that it provides a smoother playing surface and needs minimal looking after. Players will find that artificial grass improves their ball control and technique, while fans will be able to enjoy a faster, smoother game of football.


Every year we’re treated to a few days of The Masters and The Ryder Cup, where we’re able to take in a weekend of great golf and, more importantly, breath-taking greenery. You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t impressed by the way the lawns look in huge golf tournaments, and the easiest way to maintain such a high standard is through artificial grass. For starters, it will cut out the cost of having to continually maintain such large lawns, and will also provide a smoother surface for golfers struggling at the tee!


There’s nothing worse than really getting into a game of tennis and for it to get postponed due to rain. It can take natural grass an incredibly long time to recover from any wet and windy weather, and so the installation of some artificial turf will help to ensure that any breaks in play are kept to a minimum. On top of this, artificial grass also provides a much smoother playing surface, meaning that players don’t have to worry about tripping over a slight scuff in the turf.

Artfifical grass comes with a range of benefits whether you’re applying it to your sports club or your own home, and it just so happens that Great Grass are the best artificial grass installers around!