Artificial grass is very slowly managing to spread from one location to another since its origins in American football stadiums. The next target however appears to be schools with many opting for artificial turf in order to improve the outdoor areas supplied to children. Here is the lowdown on why schools should make the swap to artificial grass…

  • We probably sound like a broken record, however it is true that artificial grass is very durable. It is incredibly resistant to all kind of wear and that and is able to last for at least 10-15 years, even under the care of mischievous toddlers!
  • Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance and with such large fields found in school grounds, it is likely that the gardener will appreciate the addition of an artificial turf. Not only this, having such a large area means that it is somewhat more cost effective. Artificial grass comes only with two main costs; buying the grass and having it installed. Using a large area of land means that nothing goes to waste and money is saved rather than wasted.
  • Staying green all year round, artificial grass is never one to hide away from the weather. It is safe to use after rain, wont freeze over in the winter and doesn’t fade or melt from high temperatures which means that it will look great all the time.

Here at Great Grass, we supply to everyone any anyone, including schools! Artificial grass is child-friendly which means that it won’t become slippery after rainfall and it isn’t toxic if toddlers were to ingest it. Get in contact with a member of the team today to find out more information!