Despite what you might think, artificial grass is incredibly easy to install, you can even do it yourself. Yes, even the most disastrous DIY Dad can lay artificial grass without having to add money to the swear jar. If you’re still not convinced then fear not, because in this blog we’re going to take you through how to lay artificial grass, in some quick and easy steps.

Now, this quick how to lay artificial grass blog will assume that you have already come to us at Great Grass and purchased your choice of artificial grass, and that you have measured it accordingly. If you haven’t then head over to our site to get started!

For this week’s blog we’re going to focus on how to lay artificial grass over a hard surface such as concrete. Please not that this is just a guide and every surface will vary so you may have to adjust accordingly. So here we go:

1)      First you need to remove any surface imperfections, clean up any loose debris and thoroughly clean your surface. It’s also worth trying to level out the surface if it’s uneven – compacted grit sand is good for this!

2)      Next you lay your grass rolls. They can either be laid loose or fixed with spots of outdoor adhesive tape. Double sided tape also works!

3)      Once all your artificial grass is laid, brush it firmly with a stiff brush to help the pile stand. Don’t worry if your pile is quite flat, this is normal and regular brushing for one or two weeks will get it standing.

And that’s it! See, we told you it wasn’t so difficult. Keep in mind that this, how to lay artificial grass guide, is only for use when laying your grass on concrete or similar surfaces. Next week we’ll be taking you through how to lay artificial grass if you already have a natural lawn. We hope we’ve helped!