We love all kinds of technology, from impressive alarm clocks that wake you up slowly with light, and advancements in robotic technology, to a coffee machine that has a cup ready for when you wake up. You can’t beat inventive and useful technology! That’s why we’re so excited to talk about our prestigious artificial grass range with ‘Clever Yarn.’

This artificial grass range has our innovative stitch technology which is exclusive just to us! We’re so proud of it because it is our greatest technological advancement, which makes it the most durable and sought after range of artificial grass we carry. The revolutionary method of stitching the artificial grass strands into the latex backing in a ‘W’ pattern ensures your artificial grass springs back into formation after being flattened under foot. This allows the artificial grass to always look thick and lush. Because of this, our ‘Clever Yarn’ range of artificial grass requires less brushing than other types, which is always an advantage. It also feels great under foot!

Here’s a breakdown of this range of artificial grass:

  • 35mm pile height hard wearing synthetic grass surface
  • Tri-Coloured for that natural look
  • Latex backing, water resistant, pre-punched for drainage
  • Available in roll widths of 2m or 4m, roll lengths up to 25m
  • Dog friendly
  • 10 year guarantee

If you’re as excited by innovative technology as we are, why not contact us today to find out more about our ‘Clever Yarn’ artificial grass? You can call us on 0161 826 0796.