It’s no secret that installing an artificial lawn will come with a range of great benefits that will save you both time and money. For starters, artificial grass requires much less maintenance than the regular stuff, and it also looks a lot better. Artificial grass is so popular because of its ability to look as good in winter as it does in summer, due to the fact that you simply don’t have to worry about the grass losing its colour.

Such are the obvious benefits that come with installing artificial grass, it’s a little surprising that there are so many common misconceptions about it. There are some people out there that believe these myths and allow them to put them off installing some top quality grass. Well, fortunately we’re here at Great Grass to bust some of the most common artificial grass myths.

  • It Doesn’t Look Right

A huge myth surrounding the artificial grass industry is the idea that it just doesn’t look like grass. There are those that believe that artificial grass looks different to the normal stuff, however this simply isn’t true. Even if you got on your hands and knees to inspect our top quality grass, you’d still have to be convinced that it was actually artificial! Artificial grass has developed dramatically over the past few years, and the technology at our disposal allows us to make grass just like the real thing.

  • They Don’t Drain

At this time of year, the last thing you want is a lawn that doesn’t drain properly. With the inevitable rains and falling leaves, it would be a nightmare if your lawn simply allowed everything to puddle up and flood your garden. Some people believe that artificial grass doesn’t drain and that the rain will simply sit on the surface until it dries- however, artificial grass has now developed so far as to actually drain much faster than the natural stuff. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about mud either!

  • It’s Dangerous For Kids and Pets

There is a common myth that artificial grass contains toxins and chemicals that are dangerous for your pets and children. Let’s get one thing straight- this simply isn’t true, and artificial grass will never give you cause to worry over the wellbeing of you dog, cat or any other pet you might have. Artificial grass is designed to be safe for absolutely everybody that comes into contact with it, and your children and pets are certainly no exception. In fact, natural grass is much more likely to cause an issue, due to the pesticides and fertilisers that could be used on it.

Here at Great Grass, we provide a wide range of top quality artificial grass, so go ahead and take a look at the products that we currently have available!