At first glance, the idea of watering artificial turf may seem redundant at best, and ridiculous at worst; after all, the main purpose of watering a grassy field is to keep it verdant, and artificial grass hardly has the need for such precautions.

Yet those in the know will be aware of the many advantages and benefits of applying a quick sprinkle to a turf field every now and again. This article outlines only a few of the gains which may be had from watering commercial artificial grass, particularly in the context of sports pitches.

“Experts will be quick to rebuke any criticism regarding the watering of commercial artificial grass pitches”

Better Gameplay

Experts will be quick to rebuke any criticism regarding the watering of commercial artificial grass pitches with the argument that the practice makes gameplay faster and more exciting, by improving the movement and bounce of the ball and making it crisper.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Specialists also posit that sprinkling a commercial artificial grass pitch prior to a sporting event can reduce the risk of injury to players, as the moist surface will help give them better footing, and thus reduce the number of slips, falls and tumbles sustained during the course of the game. This, again, will increase the tempo of the game, as it will allow for fewer interruptions so players can be assisted on the field or the touchlines.

It is clear, then, that the idea of watering a commercial artificial grass pitch is not as outlandish as it may at first have appeared. Nevertheless, sports club owners who do choose to moisten their turf carpets prior to hosting a game or event should be careful to ensure said carpets are equipped with adequate filtration systems, lest water accumulate near the surface and have the exact opposite effect than desired. Fortunately, most commercial artificial grass found on the market these days come equipped with excellent filtration systems, so field owners can enjoy the perks of a wet pitch without worrying about its maintenance!