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Which Artificial Grass is best for for Kids & Young Families? Great Grass of course!

All of our products are designed with your childs comfort, safety & enjoyment in mind!

Great Grass is the UK’s number 1 choice for artificial grass supplies; and for for good reasons too; each and every one of our products are designed, manufactured and tested to British, EU & international standards with children in mind. We believe this is why Great Grass is trusted by thousands of young families & hundreds of schools & nurseries throughout the UK to supply hard wearing, great looking and safe artificial grass surfaces.

the best artificial grass for kids

Why Great Grass should be in your family garden…

Our products are safe: They contain no nasty surprises & our thick artificial grass is just as soft as falling on natural grass.

Can be used all year round:  Our artificial grass drains quickly meaning your child can quickly use the garden even after a downpour of rain and the integrity of our artificial grass will last up to 20 years despite your garden being used as a football pitch.

No grass burns: Great Grass artificial grass is nearly identical to real grass and does not cause skin burn like astroturf football surfaces

No mud or grass stains or muddy footprints: Our artificial grass is best placed over a sand sub base; although we suggest this to create a soft, flat surface with great drainage, an added benefit is the removal of soil and mud. Meaning muddy footprints and grass stained clothes are banished for good!

Ideal for football & rough-n-tumble play: Our artificial grass is made to the higest standard and is pratically indestructible. You can rest assure your childrens play will not damage the artificial grass. For extra pease of mind our products come with a 10 year guarantee.

Which product is most suitable for my young family & children…

All of our products are manufactured with children in mind. However, it is advisable to choose one of our products with a high stitch count, thicker thatch and longer pile height; this will ensure that  when your children are playing on the artificial grass it is extra comfy under foot and when rolling around on. One of our most popular artificial grass products for young families and those with young children is our 25mm Premium grass with Clever Yarn®

If your looking for an artificial grass solution thats ideal for your young family or children and you would like further information please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 205 0947 or simply email for an obligation free consultation