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Great Grass Commercial Project - Russia in the Park

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Commercial Projects - Russia in the Park - July 2012

Great Grass provides 2500sqr/m of artificial grass for Russia.Sochi.Park

The London Olympics have only just begun and preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympic games, which will be held in Russia are well and truly underway.

As part of the countries commitment to promote the games and the Russian culture; the Russian Olympic Committee, the Federation council of Russia and the Russian Ambassador to the UK have approved 'Russia.Sochi.Park'. Located in the beautiful Kensington gardens; close to the Russian Embassy. Russia.Park will provide an open-air, family-friend and alcohol-free venue where guests will be able to relax and enjoy the London 2012 Olympic games via large screens whilst seated on 2000sqr meters of Great Grass's very own natural looking artificial grass and large outdoor bean bags. Guests will also be treated to live musical and cultural performances via a large stage area; as well as visits by the Russian Olympic athletes and medal winners and an array of public figures and celebrities. Not only does the venue provide a great place for guests to rally behind the Russian Olympic team and share the Russian teams Gold, Silver and Bronze wins... (Hopefully) but it provides a venue for Russian, British and international business leaders and investors to entertain clients whilst enjoying the Russian hospitality.

How did Great Grass Commercial help?

Event organisers in the run up to the opening of the park were unhappy with the presentation of the Kensington gardens due to recent construction in the parks intended area. Organisers needed to find a fix to rectify the problem as the opening of the park was fast approaching. Great Grass was quick to mobilise 2500sqr/m of artificial grass within 1 hour of speaking to the event organisers due to the fantastic efforts by the admin and logistic team at Great Grass. A big thanks to all involved and their efforts; allowing the huge order to be turned around and delivered before 24 hours of the original order and fitted in remarkable speed.

What did the organisers think of the service provided by Great Grass?

We'd like to tell you ourselves; however its probably best you had a look yourself...