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Low Maintenance Garden | Hassle Free Lawn With Great Grass Artificial Grass

10 year guarantee

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Flame Retardant

Child and pet friendly

UV resistant

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A Low Maintenance Garden & Hassle Free Lawns With Great Grass Artificial Grass

Gardening & mowing the lawn can be hard work; even when we are fit, young & healthy.

Imagine the difficulty involved in maintaining a garden if your mobility is restricted either by illness or age; or the expense involved paying a gardener to maintain your garden for you. It is no surprise that many people drastically redesign their gardens to create a maintenance free area or in some severe cases even move to a new home with smaller and more manageable gardens.  We believe these options are a little drastic either spoiling the aesthetics of a beautiful garden or even worse losing your beloved home.

older couple enjoy artificial grass

Why Great Grass artificial grass could be your solution!

Low maintenance:  Once installed all you need to do is give your artificial lawn a brush once in a while

Great for grand kids & pets: All of our products are safe; soft and have been designed with children & pets in mind

Great value: You might be surprised to find artificial grass is similar in cost to turfing your lawn with natural grass

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You don't need to give up on gardening completely...

in fact studies have shown that pottering around the garden and maintaining a somewhat active lifestyle links strongly to a longer and healthier life. However, it is clearly obvious that mowing your lawn can be one of the biggest tasks involved in maintaining your gardens.  

Therefore installing an artificial lawn in your garden can allow you to focus on the less strenuous, more manageable garden and more fun duties such as potting plants and flower beds, rather than the main lawn itself. Allowing you to create the garden of your dreams


You needn't worry about your dogs & other pets using our artificial grass

For pet owners, gone are the muddy paw prints trailed around the house and garden, no mud means no mess. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standard with pets and children in mind during our design and manufacturing process.

Your dog and pets will use the artificial grass just like normal natural grass. Any mess can be easily cleaned away.

If you would like more information on the suitability of artificial grass for dogs and pet owners please click here to see our artificial grass for dogs and pets page which contains a wealth of information you may find useful.


Transform your drab concrete area or damaged decking instanly

There doesn’t be a grass area to replace to have artificial grass. You can instantly transform any balcony, patio or even a decked area with artificial grass. The results are instant and can look fantastic!


You could even save money with a Great Grass artificial lawn

Better yet; installing an artificial lawn could even save you money! If you take into consideration the cost of watering, fertilising, mowing your lawn or paying a gardener to do all this for you; you can soon see the cost saving you can gain from installing an artificial lawn.


Having a luxurious, perfect garden all year round can make a noticeable impact to a person’s life. With a growing number of people remaining active into their 80’s and 90’s, artificial grass gives them the convenience of a maintenance free garden to enjoy at any time of year, rain or shine. If you are unsure which of our products is suitable for you, you can call us on 0161 685 0071 or simply email info@greatgrass.co for an obligation free consultation.